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Participating in School Activities

by Kai Pegg

School can become very stressful at times. Tests and homework assignments pile up and often times we push out everything else in favor of getting things done ahead of time. We can also end up prioritizing our “image” overtaking a breath to have fun. Things like homecoming events, dances, class activities, and clubs can become overlooked due to these reasons.

A sadly small amount of people participate in the events during homecoming week.

People seem to think that participating in school events makes them uncool. People are so worried about reputation that they leave behind so many opportunities to have fun. Things like homecoming and dances are the most fun parts of high school. Even the small games and activities we play on the first day of school get overlooked. It’s sad to think that so much effort gets put into these activities, and if you take the time to participate in them, they can be really enjoyable, but people still skip out on them. They definitely beat doing school work, so might as well take advantage of them. Things like homecoming and games aren’t uncool, they’re fun and one of the most enjoyable things about high school. Your attitude oftentimes will largely impact your experience, so if you go into something seeing it as nothing but boring, useless and uncool, then odds are it will be boring, and you’ll have wasted your time. However, if you go into something, taking it as an opportunity to have fun, you could have a blast! Especially with things like the first day of school activities and academic follow-ups which you’re required to do anyway. Might as well enjoy it!

The coolness factor isn’t the only reason people skip out on these events. A large factor is schoolwork. When essays are piling up for English and math homework is never-ending, playing games and going to bonfires might be the last thing on our minds. Responsibly attending fun events can really benefit your mental health. According to, working constantly without break can diminish productivity, and things like social events can help you recharge. If you do nothing but constantly work on school work your mental health can suffer from it. Giving yourself a break and time to be with friends or participate in school activities can give you the break needed to get going on your homework. Our school and community have many fun activities for you to participate in, so take advantage of them and have fun! Enjoy the amazing things that school has to offer.


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