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Quarantine Isn't So Bad

by Aimee Zirker: Brightonian Staff

After writing about all the things this pandemic has stolen from me, I got thinking that there have been some good things that have happened because of the Coronavirus. Yes, times are hard and this isn’t exactly how I pictured my senior year to end, but I believe there’s always a positive to every difficult situation, quarantine included.

First off, I have spent so much time with my family. We have deepened relationships that for a while were lacking for me. At the beginning of the year, I wouldn’t get home from school until about 7:00. Because of that, I spent less and less time with my family and my relationships started to suffer because of it. But along came the Coronavirus and I was forced to fix those relationships. After I finish my schoolwork, I try to spend most of the day with my family. Sometimes we get on each other's nerves, but most of the time we’re laughing and messing around. Plus, I have a big family so if I’m ever bored, they can help entertain me. It makes being stuck at home a little more bearable.

Another amazing thing that has happened is that the world and our community have been coming together to fight a common battle. Even though everyone’s circumstances are different, we have all been affected by this. We understand how everyone is feeling and we’re trying to help people out. Take the seniors for example. The community understands that this is a very hard time for seniors who were supposed to be having some of the best months of their schooling career. To help them still feel special, they have organized several things to make the seniors feel loved. There are a couple of Facebook groups and Instagram pages for the community to show their support for the seniors. Different businesses are also helping out by offering free services. It has been so awesome to see that complete strangers are willing to help make my class feel special. Tons of other things like this are happening all over the world and it's amazing. Everyone is coming together to help ease the burdens this quarantine has caused people.

Some other honorable mentions are that people are seeing what is really important in this society, they are enjoying the sunshine when they couldn’t before, and people all over the world are finding things in common which brings us together. This quarantine is not what anyone expected and not exactly a fun time for everyone, but it still has some positive aspects. I think we will all come out of this more appreciative, and more connected.

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