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Quarantine: The Negative Effects

By Faith Garcia: Brightonian Staff

No one wants to be confined to their home; restricted from the activities of regular life. The outbreak of Covid-19 is clearly shocking to all, and it is bringing upon newfound ways of life that we will possibly soon think of as norms. This time of quarantine can have positives if you look for them, but for the most part, it is negatively affecting my life, personally. It has taken away things from me such as my education and church. Covid-19 is robbing the world of education, religious opportunities, and most importantly, loved ones.

Education is something that I take extremely seriously as well as something that I have truly grown to love over the years. To learn is such a monumental freedom that we all often take for granted. Not knowing when the next time I will be back in school is daunting. Oh, what I would give to be sitting in a classroom for the next however many weeks to come, than my couch.

I never thought that a day would come where I would be told I am not allowed to go to church. Yet, I never thought a lot of the things that come with this pandemic would happen. This time of year is so special for me regarding religion, and it is heart-wrenching to not be able to go to mass every Sunday. It feels surreal, to watch mass on the television. Although it certainly doesn’t stop me from worshipping at home, it definitely takes away from the experience in an alarming way.

It is very apparent that this is for the safety of the world, and I am grateful for the safety of my home in times such as these. But, it doesn’t mean that life is altered in a way that we never expected, and the fundamental activities of our lives are being stolen.

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