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Resurrection of the Wooly Mammoth

September 24, 2021

by Savanah Schafroth, Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered if you could bring extinct species back to life? Well scientists are trying to make it happen! "Our goal is to have our first calves in the next four to six years," stated the cofounder of the project. The scientists have preserved genomes of 23 elephant species, including mammoths that have gone extinct. The scientists also plan to try and make the mammoths without tusks, to avoid ivory poaching. However there are some doubts with placing these animals in the arctic. Some skeptical scientists think that these animals lived in the grasslands, however there has been no scientific evidence to back this up. The scientists who are working on the project have been funded $15 million dollars to fund the project. If the project is successful, Wooly Mammoths will walk the earth again.


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