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The Effect of the Super Bowl

By Kirby Federocko, Brightonian Managing Editor

Every year, tens of millions of people tune into the Super Bowl, the event that closes off the football season by having the two final teams in the NFL go head-to-head. Last year alone just over 100 million people watched the game. This event also has one of the biggest halftime shows in America and many companies fight for airtime and spend upwards of one million dollars for some of the most memorable ads that have ever been aired. But what effect does the Super Bowl really have on America?

Even if someone doesn’t watch the Super Bowl, they are at least aware that it is nearing based on the heavy amounts of products sent out by Coca Cola, Pepsi, Lays, and Doritos. This game not only brings America together but also stimulates the economy.

The Super Bowl generates billions of dollars every year through advertising, ticket sales, and food pricing. This is used by companies all over the country to keep their products moving forward. Companies willingly pay the cost of the advertisement to boost their sales. Often times even the rumor of an advertisement in the Super Bowl is enough to increase sales before the game.

The game is also a big deal for the hosting city, as it brings tens of thousands of people. The money host cities makes from tourism is substantial; the NFL claims that the game brings between $300 and $500 million to the host cities.

Food is a big part of the Super Bowl experience. Most families cook pizzas, wings, or burgers. These are meant to feed the houses full of people that all watch together during viewing parties. Even if people don’t go to parties, they manage to make it to sports bars and restaurants. The Super Bowl is well known for its food and its camaraderie.

All-in-all, the NFL reports that the Super Bowl creates $15.5 billion from all of its assets and companies. It is one of the most influential days in the American calendar, and it impacts us more than one would think.


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