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The importance of giant pandas in the environment

by Anna Jorstad, Staff Writer

Giant Pandas have been nearing extinction for the past 40 years and it only has gotten worse due to many changes in the environment. Most of these are caused by human activities, for example, pollution and an incline in population. There are many things that we as humans can do to save the Pandas from extinction. One thing that can be done is to create natural reserve management, doing this will allow them to be able to grow and have the correct care eventually able to go back into the environment. Also just continuing to research and monitor their daily activities will help the pandas to be able to survive. We as humans can also not illegally camp and encroach on Pandas as that is an invasion of their land and space. Deforestation has taken away the land that pandas live on and pandas eat on average 26 to 84 pounds of bamboo. If we were to take the land away we are not only taking their habitat and space to live in but also the food that they live off of.

Why do we need to save the pandas? The pandas are a very crucial part of the environment. They help to spread seeds and the vegetation to grow. Without them, many other animals wouldn't be able to survive in the wilderness either. Pandas get bamboo seeds stuck in their coat and when they shed them distributes to many different parts of the land. Pandas are known for being animals that travel and explore so without them bamboo could possibly go extinct. They not only help the forests but all 3,500 different species that live in southwest China. If Giant Pandas were to eventually go extinct many species would be negatively affected and there is a chance that bamboo would grow at an uncontrollable rate.

Overall, the lives of Pandas are very important to the earth; without them, our environment could be negatively affected. Many animals have the chance of going extinct but with the help of pandas, they will be able to survive and live in the environment that they call home. This doesn't just have to be done by researchers, it can also be done by you, you can donate to organizations and just pick up trash that you see in the environment. Lastly, one could stay out of the panda's environment even though they are animals that seem like something that is cute and cuddly.


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