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The New Future

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

by Savannah Walker ('21): Art and Life Editor

As we have just passed the year anniversary of Covid-19 and the release of the vaccine, many people are wondering what the future will look like. Will masks still be enforced? Will everyone be forced to get the vaccine? Will Americans learn how to get along again? Will life ever be like how it used to be?...

Sporting events are beginning to let in spectators and get back to some level of normalcy, but what about our regular everyday lives? Many children haven’t been able to go back to a full school schedule, adults haven’t gone into their work places in over a year and people are starting to decline.

The ultimate question is still at large; when can everything go back to normal? The unfortunate answer is probably never. In an unfortunate time like this, it has been extremely hard to get people to come together and fight together, but in today's world, people would rather fight their neighbors and spew hate, which won’t give us our answers. For example, the vaccine is now available for people to get, which for some is great news, but for others it is very scary. Many people have made the choice to get the vaccine and others are choosing not to, but that is the issue. The arguments continue with people saying they got the vaccine and why versus the people who choose not to and give their reasons against it. Issues like these that don’t really need to be a fighting matter, tear America apart more and more everyday, growing further away from the normal life we all love and miss.

Now you may be asking yourself what the solution to this issue is, and it is quite simple. Reunite and rejoice with your fellow Americ

ans, despite your differences. The problem is that in today's world it has become a more difficult task to understand and accept others' views and opinions. Accepting does not mean agreeing, which for some people they may not understand; a person is able to tell their c

olleague that they do not agree with what they think or believe, but, they can accept that their colleague is different and accept the differences. If modern day Americans can go back to doing what we did best, getting along and standing with your neighbors, then we may be able to fix many of the issues we face today.


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