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The problems with “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”

by Makena Keyes, Staff Writer

September 30, 2021

Many of you have probably seen the original animated version of Snow White. Most likely at a young age as well, because of that you might not have noticed all of the issues with this movie. In the beginning, it starts with the evil queen looking into her mirror asking who the fairest of all is.

The mirror says “A lovely maid I see, rags can not hide her beauty. She is fairer than thee...lips red as the rose, hair black as ebony, and skin white as snow” (Magic Mirror). The queen then goes on to assume that the mirror is talking about the princess, so she decides to hire someone to kill the 14-year-old princess as if no ones going to notice. Later when the huntsmen are ready to kill Snow-white, in the middle of the day, in an open clearing, with nothing to hide them. Though we do not know the huntsman's age, we can assume he is either in his 20-30. Therefore we can deduce that an old wiser hunter was going to kill a princess in plain sight and hopefully not get caught. Luckily for Snow White, she's pretty enough that the huntsman can't kill her and instead instructs her to flee into the woods and never return. Now a 14-year-old princess is running through the woods with her beautiful gown until she gets so scared of the animals around her that she collapses and sleeps in the woods. When she wakes up though she discovers the animals were not evil but were just curious about her. So she let them lead her to the Dwarf’s house. When she gets the sphere she proceeds to think that because no one is there and she can just walk in, while being inside there she assumes there are seen children in the house living all alone, in the middle of the woods. She decides to clean the house and even gets the animals to help, Snow White thinks that if she cleans their house the children might let her live with them, even after she broke in and let animals inside, then proceeded to sleep on their beds. This is just the beginning of the movie and yet there are so many other issues, for example, Snow taking an apple from an old stranger in the middle of the woods, or when the 31-year-old prince sees a dead girl laying in the woods and decides to kiss her.

Overall this movie is very outdated, it might be okay for young children who don't understand all of the issues. It does have many problems and if the movie were made the same in today's time, it never would have been accepted.


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