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The Simplicity of Gift Giving

by Savvy Walker: Brightonian Staff Writer

With Christmas being right around the corner, that means gift giving. For a lot of people, gift giving isn’t always the easiest or most affordable. Here are a few easy and inexpensive gift ideas that friends and family will love!

For the simple people in your life, get them gift cards! A gift card can be very useful for anyone because it takes most of the pressure off of you, but gives them the chance to get themselves whatever they want. This is also a great gift idea for the picky people in your life! Gift cards aren’t always the go to for everyone though. Try something thoughtful for that special someone or the loved ones in your life by doing something with sentiment. You can print off a bunch of pictures at Walgreens or Walmart and buy a nice picture frame or make your own personal collage. This will show the people you love how thoughtful you really are, and this won’t cost you a fortune.

Gift giving does not always have to be a tangible item, it can be as simple as even a dinner date or a movie on you! Sometimes, a nice dinner with your friends or a movie with your significant other is a nice gesture and gift that you can give to them by paying the tab. To make this more special, you can make them a special invitation to their favorite restaurant or a fake movie ticket to go see that new movie they’ve been dying to see! It’s always the thought that counts and you should never feel obligated to go over the top for a gift for someone or that you have to buy the expensive things just to show someone you love them.

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