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Titanfall 2: game review

Cesar Soto: Brightonian Staff

Titanfall 2 was released on October 28th, 2016. It was developed by Respawn entertainment. While the game went under the radar due to it being released between two of the biggest FPS games that year, Call of Duty and Battlefield 1, it has gained lots of attraction since its launch. At launch it sold 40 million copies, which was lower than what was expected, but thanks to the popularity of Apex Legends, a game set in Titanfall's universe, Titanfall 2 has gotten more players. The most active platform for Titanfall 2 is the PS4, but there's an active player base of around 2000 players on both the Xbox and the PC.

Titanfall 2 has a short campaign, as well as a multiplayer. In the multiplayer, the player creates custom classes using a tactical, which consists of either a grappling hook, cloak, pulse blade, which is a device which reveals enemies through walls, stim, which speeds up the player and makes them heal, a-wall, which is a barrier that protects the player, and holo-pilot, which creates a copy of the player that mimics their actions. There are also many weapons to choose from, and attachments are unlocked for weapons by using it.

Titanfall 2 has lots of multiplayer game modes, but attrition is the one mainly played, this game mode has player earning points be eliminating enemy AI and players. While playing in this game mode, players build a bar which allows them to call in their titan. Titans are mechs that players can control, there are 7 titans, each one has a unique focus, as well as options to help make the titan fit the players play style better.

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