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Top 10 happiest places in America and the world

by Kelsi Veik: Staff Writer

When you think back to all the places you have been which is your favorite? Everyone has a different opinion on where the happiest places are on earth. I took a look at an article written by BBC News to figure out which places were the happiest on earth. 149 countries across the world were surveyed on how happy they are. Things like GPD, levels of corruption, personal freedom, the recent pandemic, and levels of social support were all acknowledged during the surveys. Ranked 1-10, 1 being the happiest, here are their results:

  1. Finland

  2. Denmark

  3. Switzerland

  4. Iceland

  5. Netherlands

  6. Norway

  7. Sweden

  8. Luxembourg

  9. New Zealand

  10. Austria

While I have never been to any of these countries, I have heard many good things about these places. To break it down a little more I decided to research the top 10 happiest places in The United States of America to be able to relate a little better to some data. I looked into an article written by MindBody Online. I found that they use something called the Mindbody Wellness index to gauge the levels of happiness in America. They surveys people anywhere from age 18-65. After their 2021 survey they found the top 10 happiest cities in America to be:

  1. Miami, Florida

  2. Atlanta, Georgia

  3. New York, New York

  4. Washington DC

  5. Dallas, Texas

  6. Houston, Texas

  7. Oakland, California

  8. San Francisco, California

  9. Memphis, Tennessee

  10. Detroit, Michigan

These statistics were a little shocking to me. I didn't really expect the top 10 happiest cities to be popular places. Typically when I think of a happiest place I imagine a small population with beautiful scenery. Like I said previously everyone had different interests when it comes to traveling which probably has a large effect on the results. Even though I haven't been to many places in the United States I can definitely see why these cities would be on this list. So the next time you are planning a trip either in the United States or to a different country it wouldn't be a bad idea to add these to your list!

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