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Valentine's Day is for Everyone

by Carson Charles: Brightonian Social Media Editor

It seems that all anyone can think about on Valentine’s Day is the whether they are in a relationship or single. No one ever thinks to celebrate all of the people that they love on Valentine’s Day.

I’m all for celebrating a good relationship, but, I think it should just be a day full of all types of love. There is the love of a parent and child, between best friends, the love between people that are in a relationship, and so much more. We shouldn’t feel bad when we don’t have a romantic relationship, we are surrounded by love every day but we never focus on it. It seems like it has become this big bad thing to be single on Valentine’s Day. In the weeks before everyone is scrambling around to get someone to spend the day with so they are not seen as uncool in the eyes of society.

Instead of getting into relationships just to get a gift or make it seem like we fit in with societal expectations, we should celebrate the relationships we already have. That is not to say that we should stop celebrating the romantic part of Valentine’s Day but rather that we should celebrate more. We should go around and let those that we care about know we are thinking about them or just spend the day making others feel happy and loved. And instead of spending tons of money on the most extra gifts, just let the people that you love know what they mean to you. Celebrate the love that you already are surrounded by instead of trying to create artificial love just for one day.

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