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Video Game Review: Crawl

by Cesar Soto: Brightonian Staff Writer

Crawl is a four-player dungeon crawling game developed by Powerhoof games. This game is a dungeon crawler with the unique twist of the other players controlling the monsters. At the start of the game, the four players are trapped in a room forced to fight for who gets to be the “Hero” to begin with. The players who lose are turned into Ghost who can collect ectoplasm over time, or use summoning circle that appear in rooms in order to become one of their three monsters. These monster must compete with each other in order to kill the hero, the ghost which lands the final hit on the hero becomes the new hero.

Before the start of the game, you pick one out of a list of gods which unlock the monsters you play as for the game. There's a variety of monsters, and using points that you get from damaging the heroes, you can upgrade them. Along with the monster that the ghost can summon in a room, by collecting the ectoplasm the ghost can summon weak slime monsters which they can choose to control, or let an AI control it.

The Hero can collect Experience and Money by going through rooms in a dungeon, and defeating the monsters that the ghosts can create. They can use this gold at the shop in order to get new equipment that gives them buffs or new attacks. The experience the hero gets increases the amount of damage and health they have, and after they get enough to reach level 10, they’re able to take on the boss.

The boss fight is how the game ends, it can only be collectively attempted three times before the game ends, with the last player attempting it getting their hero permanently killed. The boss has multiple stages, and has multiple attacks which are controlled by the ghosts. If it's not the last chance to battle the boss, the hero who attempted to fight the boss will be returned to the room they were in before with low health.Crawl is a very fun game to play with a group of friends, and is available on all major gaming platforms, and it costs $15.


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