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What You Can Learn During Lockdown

by Max Weber: Managing Editor/Science and Technology Editor

This lockdown that we are living in can seem slow to most people. Going from day to day can almost seem like a struggle.

But maybe you should take advantage of this time! Learn something new and come out of this lockdown stronger than ever.

We have been given so much time to accomplish the things that we have been setting off for a later time. Just a little bit of creativity can go a long way while stuck at home. Here are a couple of things you could do to fill up most of the time wasted on aimlessly scrolling through social media. First, exercise! Nothing is stopping you from getting into shape while at home and the excuse of not having enough time is a lie. Spend just 20 to 30 minutes each day doing sit-ups or push-ups. Any exercise will be beneficial and can improve your life in the long run.

Also, get outside! Running or biking is a great way to get outside while still keeping your distance from people and helps to improve endurance. This is also beneficial to get off of online school and get moving.

Second, learn a new skill! This could be anything from learning to solve a Rubix cube, pen spinning, and learning to type. It can even go as high as learning to play an instrument.

Aimlessly wasting time each day can stunt the growth of your brain. Keeping busy with new problems each day and working to solve them can keep your brain active and help keep it in shape. This is especially important now that we are out of school and are lacking this problem-solving mentality.

Another thing to help fill your days up would be to read a book. Reading is a great way to help improve vocabulary and to ensure that you are being tested each day. Reading also helps to escape the world that we live in now, for a brief moment and find enjoyment in a different world. By doing this you can actively improve your brain and get a head start on those that are wasting their time.

Being idle is a horrible thing to do and only damages you in the long run. Make sure to find something to do.

Yes keeping up with school work can seem like a tricky thing to do and you might be saying, “I can’t learn on an online platform.” It is wrong to think that this will be the only time you will have an online school. Making time to improve your life now will only do good in the future and the present. You lose nothing by taking the time to learn something new today.


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