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Which is Better?

by Taylor Baird, Staff Writer

Are Goldfish or Cheez-its a better snack?

Personally I think that Cheez-its are a better snacking food. They are more cheesy and salty. SO I decided to get other peoples opinions on whether Goldfish are a better snack OR Cheez-its. Survey says:

Goldfish: 37

Cheez-its: 22

I thought that Cheez-its would win but sadly the Goldfishers won. Something I have deduced from the survey is that the majority of the people who voted Goldfish were women and the majority of people who voted Cheez-its were men.

Another big controversy of snacks is….Are Takis or Monsters better?

Takis: 28


I was surprised to find out the majority of the people that I asked didn’t prefer either of the choices but given the scenario I've given them they eventually chose. I was team Takis because I think Monsters taste like battery acid.

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